Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Diesel Car sales reduced to 26%

The share of diesel cars in total sales has come down to just a quarter. The reduction in gap of the diesel and petrol prices is one of the main reasons for this decrease in diesel car sales, the recent action taken by the Supreme court on demand of the National Green Tribunal in Delhi NCR regions to ban the 2000+ cc cars is also a reason for people to shift towards petrol cars.
This fall has lead to an inventory pileup at the car dealers who are giving loads of discounts to clear out the old diesel car stock.
As per Society of Indian Automotive Manufacturers , 4 years back the diesel cars had a share of 52% on the roads compared to 26% today.
As the diesel prices have also gone up so recovery time for the extra money paid to buy a diesel car has also increased which is another reason stopping buyers to buy diesel powered vehicles.

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