Thursday, 25 July 2019

Solar Powered Hyundai Sonata Hybrid !

As everyone in the world is moving towards cleaner and alternate fuel, solar energy is what people have always been fascinated about for propelling a car.

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Luxury brands like Audi have earlier introduced optional solar sunroof in their flagship sedan the A8 but it was only put to use for cooling the cabin by running the blower on solar energy.

Hyundai Motor Company has taken a step ahead and introduced a solar panel roof on its state of the art 2020 Sonata hybrid. The solar panel, if charged for 6 hours daily can shoot up the driving range of the vehicle by an extra 800 miles/1300 kilometers annually.

Apart from this the car also uses an Active Shift Control gearbox coupled with their latest Smartstream 2.0 Liter Gasoline Direct Injection engine which gives a combined output of 190 BHP along with enhancing the overall fuel efficiency of the car.

The car also has latest features like
*Near Field Communication Key
*12.3 inch Digital Instrument Cluster
*Color heads up display
*Shift by wire technology
*Smart high beam.

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